A free platform that connects reputed lenders with borrowers, our Loans Under 36 reviews explores why this marketplace platform is revered for matching you quickly with credible lenders. We appreciated that you can fix your own flexible loan terms on LoansUnder36 in a few clicks.

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    Founded in 2012 in New Jersey, Loans Under 36 personal loans can help you access a range of loans amounts with customized repayment tenures per your preferences. 

    On top of it, once you are approved by lenders, except to see loans reach your account within a day or two of signing the loan agreement. Registering for the loan matching platform is easy and works completely online. Without the worry of credit scores or hefty salary, US citizens can access a payday loan almost instantly on this lending platform.

    Based on Loans Under 36 reviews, we have examined the the offers of this lender-funded loan website as well as its pros and cons. Our review will highlight the rates, terms and fees of loans offered by this website via a simplified loan application process that can generate a loan request in less than 5 minutes.

    Cons & Pros


    • LoansUnder36 is a no-fee service you can use for free
    • Access financing from $500 up to $35,000
    • APR rates do not exceed 35.99%
    • Repayment periods range from 61 days to 6 years depending on your choice


    • A hard credit check conducted by lenders might knock a few points off your credit score
    • There is no guarantee of getting a loan at desirable rates given it depends exclusively on lenders

    Why Get a Personal Loan From Loans Under 36?

    A loan comparison website that is funded by non-bank lenders, our Loans Under 36 reviews revealed an excellent strategy to access financing with or without a good credit score. Your loan requests are quickly processed by LoansUnder36 without hassle before matching you with loan offers. The most interesting bonus of signing up is that you may receive funds in as little as one business day after lender approval.
    The name of the company highlights its purposeful approach to helping borrowers access loans at interest rates for less than 36.00% APR. In short, if your credit and income history is above average, you can get approved for a payday loan on the same day. Moreover, every lender on LoansUnder36 is screened by the staff according to our Loans Under 36 reviews.
    Every one of the 100+ registered lenders follows standard lending practices, including hard credit checks with credit bureaus like TransUnion, Experian and Equifax to explore your creditworthiness. One of the best benefits we appreciated about LoansUnder36 was the attractive small loan amounts offered by this lender marketplace.

    What does Loans Under 36 Offer?

    We recommend LoansUnder36 because it does not discriminate if you are short on credit. The best bit about LoansUnder36 is that it accepts a plethora of reasons for applying for a loan. Additionally, once approved, funds may arrive as soon as the next business day per our Loans Under 36 reviews.
    Uses for loans can include any of the following reasons:

    • Credit Card Debts
    • Medical Expenditures
    • Business Bills
    • Vacation Expenses
    • Wedding Funds
    • Debt Consolidation
    • Emergency Expenditures
    • Regular Installments
    • Renovations & Repairs
    • Personal Expenses

    Loans Under 36 itself is not a lender, but merely a network of lenders. Hence, you will not be charged any hidden setup costs that most personal loan scams are known for.
    Lenders operating in this loan matching network do not require any collateral to qualify, meaning only unsecured loans are issued through Loans Under 36 personal loans service. Because it is not directly a lender, your loan will also feature customized origination fees and penalties decided by the lender of your choice.

    Eligibility Criteria?

    To apply for loans via LoansUnder36, you need to mind six points to assure your eligibility. Your application will be accepted quickly according to our LoansUnder36 reviews if you meet the following criteria:

    • You must be a minimum 18 years of age
    • You must be a resident of the United States
    • You should have a bank account in your name
    • You must have a legitimate income that is regular
    • Your bank account should have direct deposit activated
    • A checking account is a plus

    If you satisfy all of the above, you can proceed to fill out the easily navigable online form on LoansUnder36. To access a lower Loans Under 36 APR rate, it is best to have a debt-to-income ratio of 35% or less based on our LoansUnder36 reviews.

    How to apply for a Loan Under 36 loan?

    It only takes about five minutes to register and apply according to our expert LoansUnder36 reviews and tests. You will have to fill in basic information to help the loan matching website find the best loan options. Details like contact information, income source, employment period, how you get paid, next pay date, employer details, monthly gross income (not lower than $100 or exceeding $25,000) must be shared.
    Loans Under 36 will also request military service history in addition to sensitive information like driver’s license or state ID, license state, Social Security number, ABA routing number, Bank account number, deposit options, account length and bank account type.  Your application and sensitive information are secured by LoansUnder36 safe and sound 256 BIT SSL encryption.
    Once you’re done, LoansUnder36 will send you a list of matching lenders. You go can go ahead and discuss the terms and conditions directly with the vendor before getting your loan approved. Once finalized, Loans Under 36 reviews say the website will make sure you get the approved loan within one pay day.

    Rates, Terms and Fees

    As the name implies, the Loans Under 36 interest rate available from network lenders ranges from 5.99% to 35.99%. Typically, it will be determined during your discussion with the chosen lender. Origination fees and late payment or prepayment penalties depend on the lender you ultimately select. Loans Under 36 customer reviews confirmed that the website has nothing to do with the fees charged by the lender and you must double check other items like application fees and check processing fees before closing any financing offer.

    Please note that the loan offers you will receive according to Loans Under 36 reviews depend on your credit score. More importantly, the lender might do a hard credit check before approving your loan request. People with credit scores of 579 and lower will likely find they receive the higher end of the APR rates advertised on LoansUnder36. Simply put, the annual interest rate can go as high as 35.99% if you have bad credit or income.

    In terms of paying back your loan, you can choose repayment lengths ranging from 2 months to 72 months when requesting loans on this lender marketplace. If you want more information, contact the Loans Under 36 phone number (855) 337-7709 or by email at 

    Bottom line

    Offering completely customizable personal loans for US-based borrowers, Loans Under 36 is perfect for borrowers seeking quick loans without collateral. For borrowers with a weaker credit history, the marketplace can easily help match you with lenders that accept poor credit scores as well. Altogether, we recommend this loan matching service for fast, hassle-free loan approval from a properly vetted network of lending partners.