First Hawaiian Bank Personal Loan Review

First Hawaiian Bank has a long history that goes all the way back to 1858, making it the oldest financial institution in the state. The lender is headquartered in Honolulu and now has more than 57 branches across Hawaii, Guam, and Saipan.

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    Why Get a Personal Loan From First Hawaiian Bank?

    Many borrowers prefer traditional lenders like this as they’ll find a personalized loan service, with rates and terms tailored to their individual financial circumstances. First Hawaiian offers some respectable rates and terms and has a convenient online application process. 

    However, the lender does impose some strict eligibility criteria on its loans, and anyone wanting to borrow more than $5,000 will be subject to more detailed checks.

    What Does First Hawaiian Bank Offer?

    The bank offers an unsecured personal loan and a line of credit option. If you need money to cover an emergency situation, it’s recommended you opt for the line of credit, as this type of personal loan can usually be arranged more quickly than a traditional personal loan.

    Eligibility Criteria? 

    The bank is licensed to lend in Hawaii and the overseas territories of Guam and Saipan. Your credit score and income levels will also be important factors when determining your eligibility. Anyone wishing to borrow more than $5,000 will be subject to additional checks. 

    The provider doesn’t go into specific detail on what these minimum requirements might be, and we’d recommend calling customer service directly if you have any questions, or are worried about poor credit history. 

    Pros & Cons


    • Respectable rates when compared with other traditional lenders
    • Personalized loan service
    • Long repayment terms


    • Loans are not available outside of Hawaii, Guam, and Saipan
    • Additional checks will be carried out when borrowing more than $5,000
    • Eligibility criteria are not disclosed

    How to Apply for a First Hawaiian Bank Personal Loan?

    Most borrowers will choose to apply via the online application form, but you can apply in person at one of the lender’s branches or call the customer service helpline too. Applications should take around 10 to 20 minutes to complete and a loan officer will review your details once submitted. No timescales are given for approval and disbursement of funds, though this can typically take anywhere between a few days and several weeks.

    Rates, Terms, and Fees 

    Rates on unsecured loans range from 8.50% to 19.38% with terms up to 60 months. Lines of credit will be between 7.86% and 24.00% and are repaid on a revolving basis. All personal loans are subject to a $50 administration fee and lines of credit come with an additional annual charge of $35.

    Our Rating - Is First Hawaiian Bank Legit?

    First Hawaiian Bank has some fairly standard offerings for a traditional lender, and you can find more flexible rates and terms using an online alternative.

    SoFi is becoming an increasingly popular choice for borrowers as it has rates as low as 5.95%, borrowing limits of $100,000, excellent customer service, and upfront eligibility criteria.

    If you’ve struggled with bad credit, or have been rejected by traditional lenders, a loan marketplace like SpeedyNetLoan might be the answer for you. It can connect you to dozens of lenders with rates as low as 5.99% and few credit score restrictions.