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Operated by the Salem Capital Investment Group LLC and registered under DV Advertising, 5KFunds is a completely free loan matching marketplace operating from Boca Raton, Florida.

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    Since their launch in December 2015, they have become a great source for borrowers seeking to find financing quickly. Better yet, this online platform can help you access personal loans even if your credit score is poor.

    When conducting our 5k Funds review, we found there are no hidden fees for using this service and your credit scores are not a factor when starting the application process through 5kFunds. With loans that range as high as $35,000, 5KFunds also offers longer repayment periods than many competitors which is an enticing feature. What’s more, funds are sent very quickly after lender approval.

    What we appreciated most about this loan marketplace is their transparent approach.  You receive all the details from 5k Funds directly after your loan is finalized. You can keep track of all your agreements with this marketplace.  Our 5k Funds loan review will reveal the pros and cons getting your instant loan. We have also included the practical reasons to use this payday loan service and assess the rates, terms and fees in detail.


    • Access APRs starting from 5.99%
    • Receive loans ranging from $1,000 to $35,000.
    • Use 5kFunds with no fees or obligations
    • No need to submit your credit scores


    • 5kFunds do not guarantee every borrower will be approved
    • You must approve a hard credit check by lenders which can hurt credit scores
    • 5k Funds BBB rating is an F for non-responsive customer service

    Why get a Personal Loan from 5KFunds?

    Though 5KFunds is not a lender or an agent, it is a service designed to help borrowers of all credit scores access financing fast. According to 5k Funds customer reviews, you can even receive funds within as little as one day. Impressively, 5kFunds does not ask what you will do with the funds you receive.

    For individuals in need of quick cash, searching for a personal loan from 5KFunds is helpful because it features a vast number of approved lenders. This marketplace connects borrowers to potential lenders, and the 5kFunds itself is not a financial company or bank as you will find in our 5k Funds review.

    In short, you don’t have to pay anything to 5KFunds as it runs by a completely online automated process to find the loan you want and fast. In fact, lenders compete to get your attention on 5kFunds. For that very reason, you will likely be able to find a competitive quote from an affordable starting APR and long repayment term possibilities.

    What does 5KFunds offer?

    One of the instant personal loan matching platforms, 5kFunds is unique for its flexible repayment schedules for borrowers. You can customize your loan request with shorter or longer repayments according to our 5K Funds review efforts. Another aspect that delighted us is how they do not prevent any applications as long as you meet the basic eligibility criteria.

    You can trust 5k Funds Loan to connect you with credible lenders worth trusting. To increase reliability, 5kFunds vets each lender participating in their marketplace. Additionally, you can use these loans for a variety of reasons such as the ones mentioned below.

    •       Outstanding Installments
    •       Personal Purchases
    •       Unexpected Medical Emergencies
    •       Repaying Debts
    •       Renovation & Repairs
    •       Emergency Funds
    •       Budget Constraints
    •       Functions & Events

    The added benefit from this payday loan marketplace is that you can access instant loans without disclosing the purpose. Additionally, the lenders within the 5kFunds marketplace provide exclusively unsecured loans which mean no collateral or cosigner necessary.

    5k Funds Loan Application

    Eligibility Criteria

    Almost anyone can sign up according to our 5k Funds review if you meet the basic criteria. On top of it, you can find a matching lender in less than ten minutes, solely because there are 100+ participating lenders eager for your business. Moreover, don’t need to worry about your bad credit score when registering on this loan matching marketplace.

    All you need to qualify are the four following eligibility requirements.

    •       You must be 18 or above
    •       You must be a citizen of the United States
    •       Your income source should be regular and legitimate
    •       You should possess a bank account under your name

    How to apply for a 5kFunds Loans?

    5kFunds is a lender marketplace that can help you receive multiple loan offers at once.

    All you need to do is fill in a 10-minute online form with your basic details such as your name, address, phone number, name of the employer, employment tenure, total annual income, social security number, bank details and driver’s license. Add your loan amount, and you’re done.

    Afterwards, 5kFunds review and share this information with network lenders and you are notified about the lenders that match your requirements. Next, select the right lender based on their terms, rates and fees. Before you confirm, be sure to research late payment and possible penalty fees.

    Once approved by a lender, 5kFunds will send you a copy of the APR rates and your agreement. You will receive the loan amount within as little as one day after it’s finalized with your chosen lender.

    Rates, Terms, and Fees

    If you’re worried about the hidden costs of personal loans, you will appreciate the fact that 5kFunds is a lender marketplace that operates free of charge. You can trust 5k Funds legit working model to connect you with applicable loan offers.

    The best reason for signing up is that 5k Funds interest rates from participating lenders is listed transparently. Still, while 5k Funds APR range is listed on the website, lenders are ultimately responsible for offering rates which start as low at 5.99% up to a maximum of 35.99%. These rates are attractive given many lenders start with 10.99% APR for similar loans.

    In terms of loan repayment times, lenders in 5kFunds’ marketplace offer lending periods ranging from 2-72 months. To make the costs clearer, you should always research lender offers for origination fees, prepayment penalties, late fees, and more before agreeing to a loan. We suggest you always double-check the policies of the lender thoroughly before you commit to a loan because 5kFunds just operates the marketplace and does not guarantee terms.

    While no minimum credit score is necessary to get started according to our 5k Funds review, keep in mind that the lender might do a hard credit check to determine your eligibility using the information you provided which can negatively impact your score.

    Bottom line

    Our 5k Funds review uncovered a fast and easy loan marketplace with limited eligibility criteria to help borrowers access quick financing from a network of lenders which compete for their business. With an easy-to-navigate website, 5kFunds is an excellent destination for comparing and reviewing loan offers for any purpose without any obligation.