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    How To Plan A Wedding Budget

    Wedding rings on US dollars

    Your wedding is one of the most memorable and magical days of your life. After all, all of your closest friends and family get together to celebrate love and to mark a new chapter in you and your partner’s life. 

    Given the enormity of the day, it’s easy to get carried away with expenses and add-ons, leaving you in a very difficult financial situation. Keep reading to learn how to plan a wedding on a budget, while still maintaining a beautiful and special day.

    Know What You Want

    Knowing best how to budget for a wedding might come down to one simple exercise: knowing what you want. Before you get swept up in the craziness, sit down with your partner and decide together what’s most important on your special day. 

    Your partner may value videography the most, while you prioritize the venue. Knowing what you want will help you set aside expenses for those items and encourage you to be more flexible on the remainder.

    Enjoy The Off-Season

    Wedding season generally lasts from late spring until early fall. Due to the pleasant weather, many couples choose to say their vows during this time. This high-demand leads to higher prices for the venue, catering, and so on. 

    Consider a ceremony in the fall (all those beautiful colors) or even a beautiful white winter ceremony. During the colder months, vendors are far less busy and more likely to accommodate you. Having flexibility in your nuptial date can help you save on expenses.

    Go Digital

    Nobody can deny that nuptial invitations with hand-drawn calligraphy are stunning. However, do you know where all those gorgeous invitations end up? In the trash (except the ones you save for your scrapbook, of course) When you opt for digital save the dates and invitations, you can help save money and save the environment.  

    Fewer Vendors, More Money

    Vendors may offer a variety of services, so check with them for their complete offerings. The company with the photo booth might also have some great props you can rent to go along with it. They may even offer photography or album services. It’ll be cheaper to negotiate a deal with a vendor when you buy several items from them, rather than using multiple different vendors. 

    Know Your Wedding Budget

    Before you begin planning, set a budget with your partner. Look realistically at your financial situation to figure out what you can afford. Consider any gifts from parents, savings, and try to be honest about expenses. If your partner has debt or if you two prefer to buy a house rather than finance a big wedding, then you’ll need to stick to a strict budget. 

    Many couples opt for an unsecured personal loan to help finance their big day. Therefore, you may need to factor in monthly payments, interest rates, and other related fees into your planning. 

    Will marriage affect your credit score? The answer is it’ll likely not. Your credit history is separate from your partner’s. However, lenders will look at both of your scores and histories to determine wedding loan eligibility.

    Organize All Expenses

    It’s important to keep all your expenses organized in a single place for both you and your partner to access. This might be a shared document on the computer, a physical binder, or even an app. No matter how you do it, be sure to keep track of every expense, so things don’t get out of control.

    Planner Alternative

    Many couples seek the help of a wedding planner to help them make their dreams of the perfect day come true. These party planners can work magic. However, that magic often comes with a hefty price tag. As an alternative to a wedding planner, consider a day-of planner instead. This allows you to relax and enjoy your big day while someone else ensures everything is in place and running smoothly. 

    Wedding Guest Edit

    Is it truly important that your coffee barista is at your ceremony? Or that friend from middle school that you haven’t spoken to in two years? Probably not. Don’t be afraid to edit your guest list and keep things trim. This will help you save on venue and catering, as well as ensure everyone in the crowd is someone you know and love.

    Bottom Line

    Budgeting for a wedding is no easy task, but it’s an important one. Staying on budget for your wedding can set you and your partner up for a strong financial future together, while still giving you a day you’ll never forget.